On BitcoinBázis (est. 2016) you’ll find daily updated cryptocurrency & blockchain news, insights, tutorials, reviews and charting tools. Our visitors are crypto enthusiasts, news readers, investors, financial and technical professionals, who want to get to know more about bitcoin and digital currencies, investment vehicles, cryptocurrency trading, algorithmic mining or simply stay up to date.

The portal also covers current traditional finance topics, such as monetary policies and macro- and micro economical outlooks, and nurtures an apolitical, neutral tone with a slight tendency towards internet freedom, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, internet privacy, hacker culture and cypherpunk views.

In February 2021 our unique visitor number reached the 300,000 milestone | Analytics,

If you are interested in reaching the Hungarian speaking audience, we are the right place. For press release inquiries, please use our self serving desk to publish your press release within 24 hours: Submit a Press Release.

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ERC20 token, smart contract, infrastructure development

We accept primarily bitcoin (BTC), lightning bitcoin (⚡), liquid altcoin (ETH), stablecoin and payment via PayPal. In case you have questions, please reach out to us using the contact form.

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