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On BitcoinBázis (est. 2016) you’ll find daily updated cryptocurrency & blockchain news, insights, tutorials, reviews and charting tools. Our visitors are avid news readers, shoppers/value shoppers, do-it yourselves interested in financial/investment/banking services, who want to get to know more about bitcoin and digital currencies or simply stay up to date. Our visitors will find interesting tutorials about how to buy digital assets, mining equipment or info about companies already using distributed ledger technology, or planning to integrate digital currencies for various purposes.

BitcoinBazis Analytics Overview, first half of 2019 | Google Analytics
BitcoinBazis Analytics Overview, first half of 2019 | Google Analytics

If you are interested in reaching the Hungarian speaking audience, we are the right place. For press release inquiries, please use our self serving desk to publish your press release within 24 hours: Submit a Press Release.

If you are looking for:

  • banner advertisements _____ €300/month
  • press release _____ €100
  • guest post/earned media content _____ €150
  • media package (1 header banner + 4 earned content + newsletter + Facebook pin) _____ €800
  • brutal media package (banner in every article + earned content + newsletter + full social media pin) _____ €1400
  • third party content writing services in English, German & Hungarian starting from _____ €70 pro 1000+ words content;
  • media relationship management in Hungary (write us)
  • Blockchain developers.

All prices meant in Bitcoin current price, we only accept Bitcoin (BTC). Please reach us out using the contact form.

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