Galaxis Network, a Blockchain Based Fund Management Platform for Wealth Managers

Galaxis Network in a nutshell

Galaxis Network is the flagship product of various experts within Solidity Services, a Europe based professional blockchain services network. The team behind the product has been developing and building various blockchain products for several years. Their enthusiasm towards decentralized finance has been building up since 2018, and with the recent growth in the ecosystem, it is finally turning towards a tangible product harnessing the possibilities of this new evolution in finance!

Galaxis Network is offering a blockchain based fund management platform assisting wealth managers who want to attract new customers by higher passive income and alternative asset classes. The platform is assisting portfolio managers to eliminate the technical and knowledge barriers of decentralized finance markets and generate yield in a secure and transparent environment.

F10 and its benefits

F10 Fintech Incubator and Accelerator is headquartered in Zurich and considered to be one of the most respected Fintech accelerators in the world! F10 launches a couple of programs each year with more than 300 applicants, and this time Galaxis Network made it into the final selection!

The program for Galaxis has started already on the 25th Aug with a 2-week intensive program about fine-tuning the project and finding the way into the Swiss market. The go-to-market strategy is supported by not only the F10 coaches, but the valuable input from world-class financial corporations and incredible financial experts in the space!

During only the onboarding and kickoff session, the team behind Galaxis Network had a chance to explore the go-to-market possibilities with asset managers, regulators and licensing experts, who already have a great experience with blockchain projects!

How did Block.IS help you to achieve your success?

This achievement does not only credit Galaxis Network, but also the Block.Is Program. Participating in the 1st Open Call allowed the chance for the team to raise the idea to the next level and pursue the next steps in the go-to-market process! According to the Founder Mate Brezovszki, “BlockIS has turned the project concept into reality, that we can now bring to the market”.

Mate Brezovszki in Istanbul, Jan 2020 – Pitching about the Decentralized Finance revolution in Asset Management powered by blockchain technology in front of the BlockIS accelerator jury

In addition to the business development and product journey, the international network and events have opened the way to the international market which has benefited the project as well!

Future Steps for Galaxis

Upon the completion of the BlockIS Expermint Phase, Galaxis is ready to start the Commercialisation and execute the go-to-market strategy.

Galaxis is pioneering in bridging the Decentralized Finance ecosystem into the compliant traditional asset management market. Selecting the right approach was one of the key critical elements of the last couple of months, but by participating in the F10 Accelerator, new and tangible opportunities are ahead.

Selecting the right jurisdiction is crucial in this whole journey, and the ecosystem and welcoming nature of Switzerland towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies, is most probably the best area to target!

Nicklas Peyk Millgaard, Cofounder @ Galaxis Network having lunch during the 2-week sprint at the F10 Office in Zurich

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