Inventori Is Making Waves in the Hungarian Blockchain World

Inventori is still one of the rising stars of the Hungarian blockchain startups and since our last update, the guys have been very busy with moving the project forward. Inventori has introduced themselves to the European blockchain audience and one thing is certain: they are making the most of their chances. Let’s see what they’ve been up to!

A little recap on Inventori

This is not the first time we’re writing about Inventori but if this is your first time hearing about them, we’ll give you a little recap to bring you up to date on their work. Inventori is a digital platform built on blockchain technology that provides a solution for managing traceability systems such as ISCC or non-GMO for the participants in the supply chain.

And why is this so important to us? Because while their target is to break into the European market with their product, the idea is definitely Hungarian as the minds behind the concept are Márk Ferencvári, Máté Brezovszki and István Bárczi.

Inventori does not have a long history to look back on, as the team only started working together last year, but 2020 has definitely been a great year for them so far. It has been all about finetuning their project, building connections and taking advantage of mentorship opportunities and trainings to learn even more.

With the help of France’s commercial attaché, the team of Inventori had the chance to participate in an online TechMeeting organized by Choose Paris Region. The meeting’s main aim was to bring the new startups and the already established enterprises closer together in different industries to foster cooperation between them. Inventori has definitely made the most of this event as they not only met several experts from the area of supply chain management but they have also attracted the attention of three major corporations. and Bollorè Logistics have already held meetings with the team and Orange is going to be the next one on their list to build a potential partnership with.

Prizes and mentorship programs all around Europe

Inventori has also applied for the EIT Innovation Prize that aims to make the European agricultural sector more sustainable and healthier which is something that fits right in with their project. After the regional competition (there are 7 other teams from Hungary), the end goal is to get into the European finals where the winner gets to take 25 thousand Euros home as their prize.

Another important mentorship opportunity for the guys was getting accepted into the DMS Accelerator Program that mostly helps data-driven startups in their work. With the help of the program, the team gets to participate in several trainings and mentorship opportunities for six months.

As we can see, the guys have been very busy since our last update and their introduction to the European market has been nothing short of a success. We wish them luck on their journey again and we’re excited to see where they’re going from here.

If you’d like to get in touch with the team, you can visit their website or shoot them an email here. Their partner program is still open for all interested companies working in the supply chain. If you’d like to know more about their traceability systems, you can click here. If you’re ready to join the program, click here.

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