Inventori Has Launched Its Partner Program for Managing Traceability Systems

Here at BitcoinBazis, we are always on the lookout for the most exciting, up-and-coming blockchain projects, and Inventori was definitely one of the blockchain product concepts that caught our eyes in 2019. Now we’re happy to announce that the guys are launching a partner program for any interested companies who deal with standardized traceability systems in their daily work. Let’s see what their proposal entails!

What is Inventori?

The first time we heard about Inventori and their product concept was at the BlockStart event for blockchain startups back in October 2019 in Budapest. The guys – Inventori is made up of the trio of Márk Ferencvári, Máté Brezovszki and István Bárczi – presented their idea at the pitch competition, and took the audience by storm. But what is it exactly that they are doing?

Inventori is an integrated solution for participants in the supply chain to manage inventory of goods that incorporates the requirements for different standardized traceability systems such as ISCC, FSC or non-GMO. A lot of participants in the inventory flow (whether they’re farms, gathering points or traders) have to manually provide the necessary reports to satisfy the requirements of these systems. Inventori, on the other hand, takes advantage of blockchain technology to create a transparent and complete framework for these. Using their digital platform helps companies to cut down time spent on manually providing the needed documentation for the different traceability systems. This results in less errors and provides a more transparent information management.

Inventori has launched its partner program

Inventori’s partner program for managing traceability standards is here – join them now!

And now the team over at Inventori is happy to announce that the prototype of their platform is almost ready to go. This also means that they are currently looking for companies to test the platform on in order to perfect the product and finetune all the features. Inventori also aims to create mutually beneficial relationships during this testing period. They’re offering free subscription opportunities and financial compensation for participating companies, as well as custom features that meet the needs of their partners.

If your company also deals with standardized traceability systems such as ISCC, FSC or non-GMO, make sure to check out the partner program proposal that Inventori just posted by clicking here. You can easily get in touch with the guys after filling out a quick survey. If you would like to know more about the project in general, take a look at the startup’s website or follow their progress over on Facebook.

We are excited to see the amazing things the team is going to do in 2020 and we wish them luck on their journey!

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